Computing & Photography

  • Digital Photography

    Using your Digital Camera Most people now have a digital camera but how many of us really know how to use them?  There are many settings and features that will help enhance your photographs but these courses will also give you advice and guidance on the artistry of taking photos. Learning CoreWhat to bringHow to [...]
  • Photoshop

    Digital Editing for Photography Understand and learn how the different tools and features available in Adobe Photoshop can work for you to enable you to maximize your creative potential. Beginners The course will develop your technical skills as you learn the principles of editing digital photographs. Workshops in Adobe Photoshop include the basics such as how to crop [...]
  • Let’s Get Digital

    Let’s Get Digital is a 5 week course on using email, internet and social media. Set up and send emails, browse the internet and use social media accounts as well as communication applications such as Skype. Small classes will enable you to get your questions answered. Flexible and friendly learning for all abilities, bring your [...]